Clive Davis Hosts a Throwback Gala with 600 Close Friends Like Alicia Keys, Dionne Warwick, Patti Smith, Jesse Jackson, Roberta Flack, Etc

Clive Davis‘s 90th birthday blow out part 2: A throwback pre-pandemic like gala for 600 friends at NYC’s newest, sexiest ballroom at Casa Cipriani. It’s a former Maritime Building at the tip of southern Manhattan, left to rot for eons and now an art deco palace with extraordinary appointments. It’s a hotel, it’s a club, it’s a ballroom. It’s like a dream.

So 600 people arrive either formal clothes or close to it. The list of celebrities is endless, and the performers are staggering. At my table — seated dinner — for example: nothing less than Robert Flack, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and former Mayor DeBlasio with wife Chirlane. (The mayor and I laughed because the last time we saw each other we were trapped on the stage in Central Park during the rained out Welcome Back, New York concert.)

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